Love Lost In the Thickets Jeffery A. Sanders Sr. Into the thickets love kills deep Love cease the soul did freedom win Aching in loneliness…ill from peace Converted by the bloodhound of sin …

Murdering the escape of one’s hope and The days overflow with sorrow that cries Alone…no pleasure to seek…but tragic passion Knowing love travels rude with death under Her leaves and leaves everything bare Before it strays But a thing more deadly…dark of all A frightening potion…drunk by chance Like a spear that crudely pierce with A biting fire into the heart and brain with Love not to be in a murderous spite of Pride and avarice…in the thicket without A word Love through all its essence Steals in slow turmoil in the dismissal hearse That creeps alone on the streams side In a feverous hectic flame of love…pale.



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If I Died Tonight
Sarah Hutchings ~ Jeffery A Sanders Sr.
If I died in your arms tonight
Would you revive me?
If I lie in your arms tonight
Would you hold me? …
If you passed away in my arms
I would pray to my God for a miracle
Only he has the power to save you
Although I am his vessel
If I cried in your arms to night
Would you tell it going to be alright?
I would hold you until your eyes became
The shining star of his miracles in
The rapture of Regeneration on
The pinnacles of restoration
Pray me back to life,
Help me see, things can be better.
I see …I am becoming someone
More than I was, through your kindness
All things concerned
Grows in magnitude and evolve to
Completeness and continually improving
In the character of influence with efficiency
And excellence
I have grown and moved forward.
Never had a friend like you
Ever who walked with me?
Through the tangles that was in my mind,
The spirit of alertness is in your development
In the hands of your heart
There the goodness of you will prevail and
If you died in my arms…
it would be a great loss
That will rob him of a great friend

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Recognition of Domestic Violence Month

Why Does It Have To Be Like This?

Jeffery A Sanders Sr. ~Featuring Author Dawn Desi Banks

UN-be knowing it exist and we need to stop trying to hide

This monster that affects human existence

Why does it have and continues to be like this

Physical, sexual, emotional abusing

Why can’t we be, friends, lovers, wife husbands and

Significant others…domesticated and work together

I don’t understand why you are so angry

You won’t communicate and I’m always in this position

To try and keep you calm, but you take it to an explosive level

Having me feeling like I’m sleeping on egg shells

This is traditional…

Don’t know emotional;

Just physical; Brought up this way…

Angry; upset; full of rage….

I want to seek another way; s

Sick inside this was me since birth;

Instilled all of my days…

Saw grandpa and grandma live it…

Mama and daddy relived it…You don’t get it!

I don’t comprehend how to be a friend, a lover, or a wife;

Don’t know the meaning of husband and how he could be

A special part of my life…There is no communication;

Just evil temptations…To hurt you; use you, blame you…

For all of my past troublesome woes…

Don’t you see I’m lost in a world of darkness?

Full of black and blues…Just what I want to do to you…

Crying out!!! Damn you!!

You’re my excuse for abuse;

Yet you have no clue!

There are many of things,

That creates this thing called domestic violence

Long been familiar with these distinctions

These conceptual elements in each experience and

The character on the stage of this disease,

This character is made clear by the amount of Fear

He or she makes one digest between which one is sandwiched

So clear they form a context as he or she defends

A much broader front in old schemas of perception in

The fog of definition as they continue to ignore the

Ideal construct as a factor for the present

They are capable of being made transparent to understanding

If their mind are capable of penetrating to its essential core

But they must learn the path is out in front, but individual

Decisions to leave are before them…

Come forth out of this world of darkness

Domestic Violence; It’s EVERYBODY’S Business.

Please join us in supporting Domestic Violence Awareness!

Domestic violence should not happen to anybody.

Ever, Period. But it does – and when it does, there is help.

Maybe you have lived with abuse, maybe it happened just once;

Maybe you work or live next to someone

Who is being abused right now? Try to get them to get help

In 1994-2012 Michigan and 30 other states changed

The laws that deal with domestic violence to make it easier

For the victims of abuse to get protection through the legal system.

If you know someone whom you think is being abused –

A friend, family member, co-worker, client, patient or parishioner –

Please consider contacting one of the agencies below to discuss

Ways to safely help them.

If you are in danger, please use a safer computer, or call 911,

Your local hotline, or

The U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at

1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224.

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I sit in the forte of solitude

In the moment of how these emotions

Produced by challenging circumstances of

Self-conscious emotions

Yet I come upon the scaffolding of praise

Intention becomes more important than consequences

An action of the actor’s intention

As well as the consequences

Conceived of as unchangeable properties of the world

Removed from the control of people

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